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2008 Super Bowl Ads

Agree? Disagree? Let me know what you think in the comments, and tell me how you’d rank them.

The absence of Emerald Nuts commercials made me very, very sad.


Bud Light Fire (7/10)- Mildly amusing, but not on par with some of the ads they’ve run in previous years. Still, I chuckled. One of the better ones of the night.

Audi (8/10)- The Godfather spoof was sheer brilliance.

Diet Pepsi Max
(7/10)- It started poorly, but ended well. They just couldn’t resist throwing in some gratuitious violence.

Sales Genie (0/10)- Not funny. Not convincing. In fact, it made me dislike Sales Genie. Subpar even for late night television. Horrific for the Super Bowl.

Bud Light Cheese (5/10)- Again, mildly amusing. But more what I’d expect during the second round of the Buick Open, not the Super Bowl.

Under Armour (5/10)- They tried a little too hard to get the goosebumps. Didn’t really work. Decent, but overstated.

Bridgeston (6/10)- Kinda funny, but nothing special.


Gatorade G2
(3/10)- Lame effort for the Super Bowl, fellas.

GoDaddy (0/10)- In poor taste, as usual.

Dell XPS (3/10)- The idea is to get me to want to own an XPS. I don’t.

FedEx (6/10)- Fairly good. Nothing special, but above average for this year.

Cars.com (7/10)- For some reason this one had me laughing. Stupid, but funny.

Tide (4/10)- Um. Weird.

(5/10)- Eh. Apparently it’s a spoof on something. Not really that good.

Toyota (6/10)- Again, decent, but not Super Bowl quality. This is a commercial you’d expect to see during the regular season.

Garmin (4/10)- Not as funny as it was trying to be.

CareerBuilder.com (8/10)- Creative. Funny. Well done.

LifeWater (1/10)- Unnnnnnnngh.

GMC (4/10)- Watching the little black guy pushing a rock up a hill got a bit tedious after, oh, maybe two seconds.

Bud Light (8/10)- Funny mainly because it built off last year’s.

Planter’s Nuts (5/10)- Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.

T-Mobile (7/10)- A bit odd, but amusing. Built off a running joke they’ve been using for quite a while nowl.

Pepsi (10/10)- Seeing Justin Timberlake getting beat up was one of the highlights of the evening.

Doritos (3/10)- Did I miss something?


Claritin (2/10)- Um. You spent millions of dollars for…this?

Cars.com (9/10)- Probably one of the best of the night. Like the first one, except funnier.

Sales Genie (0/10)- Like the first one, except even worst.

Vitamin Water (6/10)- I like Vitamin Water. Their commercials…not so much.

Budweiser Cavemen (5/10)- Drop the cavemen motif already. Please.

IceCubes (4/10)- If you share our gum with Carmen Electra, she’ll say “Whoa”. Yeah, fantastic.

Bridgestone (4/10)- Same theme as the first, not half as funny.

CareerBuilder.com (6/10)- Kinda funny. Not memorable.

Hyundai (5/10)- Sorry folks. Simpler is not always better.

E*Trade (9/10)- Talking baby + Creepy clown = Superb.

Bud Light (7/10)- Similar to the first one. Again, gratuitous violence. But still amusing.

Sunsilk (5/10)- Eh.

Coca Cola (7/10)- Rather odd, but still mildly effective.


Classic Coke (9/10)- Great commercial with Carville and Frist. You have to follow politics a bit to get it, but it was brilliant.

Toyota (6/10)- Fairly unexceptional, all in all.

E*Trade (9/10)- Same formula as the first, every bit as funny.

Taco Bell (6/10)- My biased hatred of Taco Bell food is probably skewing this one, but I thought it was a pretty lame ad.

Gatorade G2 (7/10)- Still not a great ad, but I liked this one a lot more than their first one.

Bud Light (10/10)- Will Ferrell at his finest. Really, really funny. Best commercial of the Super Bowl. “A magical blend of barley, hopps, and delicious alcohol.”

Hyundai (7/10)- I liked this one a lot more. Simple, but this time effective.

Victoria’s Secret (7/10)- I’m not sure this is the best commercial for the target audience, but I’m guessing most guys were watching intently.

Amp Energy (6/10)- Some people liked it. Me, not so much. Not the worst ad of the year.