A Winning Strategy

For the past two weeks people have been talking nonstop about the various ways the Giants could, in theory, upset the New England Patriots to win the Super Bowl. Perhaps the easiest–and most effective–thing they could do is this: give Randy Moss’s ex girlfriend sideline tickets to the Super Bowl. I’m sure she’d accept. Randy Moss, however, would be displeased. He wouldn’t even be allowed anywhere near the field.

Without the top reciever in the league playing on offense, the Patriots would be a significantly lesser team, and the Giants’ chances of an upset would skyrocket. New York, do yourself a favor, give the girl a ticket.


The World’s Biggest Scumbag

Ladies and Gents, meet Jerramy Stevens.

Take the fifteen to twenty minutes needed to read the entire article, and then ask yourself how you can possibly feel confident in America’s legal system.

YouTube: The Super Bowl Commercials

Ameriquest: Don’t judge to quickly
Sprint: Crime deterrent
Budweiser: Fetch
Levi’s: Crazy legs
Budweiser: Amber
Apple: 1984
Budweiser: Banned commercial
Budweiser: Soldiers
Budweiser: Secret fridge
Snickers: Quick, Do Something Manly
Pepsi: Bob’s house (this one is set to air this year)

Also, the White House is going to do an ad this year. We’ll see how that goes.

And, of course, the banned ads:

Budweiser: The Bottle Opener
Budweiser: Skinny Dipping
GoDaddy: I Own You
Vitamin Water: Brian Urlacher
GoDaddy: Basic Instinct
Nike: Alpha Project

There are many more to be found on YouTube if one takes the time.

Irons out for the season

After tearing a knee ligament last night, Kenny Irons is out for the season. This won’t cripple the Bengals, but it surely does hurt them. Rudy Johnson is a more than capable starter, but when they want to spell him it would be nice to have someone like Kenny Irons to do that instead of whoever they’re going to throw in there instead.

Also, that ugly sweep they were planning on busting out just isn’t going to work.

Fearless Predictions- This year’s surprise team


Every year a boatload of suckers peg the Cardinals as that year’s “surprise team”, the team that will make the magical jump from crappy to excellent, going from laughingstock to Super Bowl threat. There’s always one. Every. Single. Year.

2006- New Orleans Saints.
2005- Washington Redskins.
2004- Pittsburgh Steelers

And so on. You get the point. The Steelers went from 6-10 to 15-1. The Redskins went from 6-10 to 10-6. The Saints went from 3-13 to 10-6. It’s not a question of if a team can make the jump from bad to good, it’s which team will do it. My choice for this year? The Buffalo Bills.

JP Losman noticeably improved over the course of the season last year, and he clearly has developed a connection with wideout Lee Evans. Those two along with rookie Marshawn Lynch form a very solid core of offensive players that the front office will build around. Buffalo’s offensive line is poor, and that’s the one thing that would make me hesitate to make this pick, but their defense makes up for it.

Many people wondered if the Bills had lost it when they drafted Ko Simpson and Donte Whitner last year, but they turned out to be two of the better rookies. Their hard-hitting style intimidated opponents, and they give the Bills an above average secondary.

And as far as special teams go…you do not look forward to kickoffs against Buffalo.

Prepare for the coming onslaught

As I wrote almost exactly a year ago, football is a year-round sport. As players start to practice in pads, there are going to be more and more injury reports coming out of camp detailing players with strained muscles and torn ligaments.

There’s a reason Jerry Rice lasted so long- He knew football was a sport that went 365 days a year. He had a legendary off-season workout program, and it payed when he lasted far longer than just about anyone else. Frank Gore was the first victim of off-season rustiness, and now he’s out with a broken bone in his hand. Just wait, there will be more. Lots more.

Bill Walsh dead at 75

Former 49ers coach Bill Walsh has died from Leukemia at the age of 75. He was an offensive mastermind who transformed San Francisco from a an afterthought to one of the greatest dynasties in NFL history. He won three Super Bowls, and perfected the style of play now known as the West Coast offense. I don’t have a lot to say as I didn’t follow football when he was around, but here are some links in remembrance of him:

AP Article
Fantastic article remembering him in the SF Chronicle
The Bill Walsh coaching tree
Pro Football HOF bio
An interview
Mike Silver of SI remembers