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The epitome of unlucky

Cleveland Browns high profile free agent aquisition LeCharles Bentley is reportedly out for the season after tearing his patellar tendon in the first 11 on 11 drill of training camp. To those who follow the Cleveland Browns, this was almost to be expected considering the team’s string of bad luck over the last 7 or so years.

In other news, the first round picks are finally starting to sign, with some top players like Vince Young inking in their contracts. Reggie Bush and Matt Leinhart have yet to sign with their respective teams.


Marshall Faulk nearing the end?

A report just posted on ESPN makes it seem likely that Marshall Faulk’s brilliant career could be coming to a close. He’s had surgery after surgery on his knees, and hasn’t really been at full strength for the last few years. With two knee surgeries this offseason, there was a question mark as to whether or not he’d be able to recover. One of his knees is coming along decently, the other swells up and gives him major problems after a moderate workout.

He’s going in for surgery sometime next week, and that will, at minimum, sideline him for a chunk of the season, most likely all of it, and quite possible forever. He’s already 33 years old, and he’s been getting a step slower every year recently. I don’t see him having surgery, taking a year off, and then at the age of 34 being able to play professional football.

As for his Hall of Fame chances, I think he’s a virtual lock first ballot-er.