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Super Bowl Commercials, Compliments of YouTube

Ameriquest: Don’t judge to quickly

Sprint: Crime deterrent

Budweiser: Fetch

Levi’s: Crazy legs

Budweiser: Amber

Apple: 1984

Budweiser: Banned commercial

Budweiser: Soldiers

Budweiser: Secret fridge

There are many more to be found on YouTube if one takes the time.


The only thing being overhyped is the hype about the hype

Seriously, I’m about to go mad.

Last year article after article talked about nothing but all the hype. As in, the article talked about how ridiculous the hype was. Eventually it got to the point that there wasn’t any hype, only hype about the non-existent hype.

Really. Every article.

“Are you ready for two weeks of non-stop hype to begin? The dominant story this year is going to be Jerome Bettis going home to Detroit. I can see the stories now. Kill me quickly. It’s going to be endless articles about Jerome Bettis, Jerome Bettis, the Seahawks, Jerome Bettis, and maybe Jerome Bettis.”

I actually only saw one real article talking about Jerome Bettis going home to Detroit to close out his career. Everything else was articles talking about how annoyed people were going to be with all the articles about Jerome Bettis, even though they never came. This year everyone said the same thing about the story of Dungy and Smith being the first two black coaches to coach a Super Bowl. I’ve seen exactly one article on this, everything else has been complaining about the articles we’re going to see about it.

A little suggestion for writers next year: Try not mentioning anything about all the hype surrounding the Super Bowl, and just write about the Super Bowl. I bet you’ll find that the amount of ridiculous journalism will drop to almost zero. Okay, maybe not that last part. Guys like Pete Prisco will still be around, but at least they’ll be writing about football.

Ironic, isn’t it?

So…I start this blog in the days leading up to the start of the season thinking I would continue at least through the Super Bowl. I have other things pop up, and decide to dump it. And now, just as the season is ending, I pick it back up again. Like a bad drug habit. Strange, eh?

Oh well. Here I am. Here’s the blog. Let’s see if I can get back to my monstrously impressive 1-reader-a-day level of success…