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Let’s give this another try

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have been starting and deleting NFL blogs since around 2006. My first one is no longer available online. My second one has since been taken over by someone else and is reasonably successful. This blog was started a little over three years ago, and has experienced off-and-one posting ever since. It’s been about a year and a half since I last posted here, but I’m ready to give it another go.

If you’re reading this, chances are you came to the site because of this post about JaMarcus Russell. History has, so far, proven me to be absolutely correct about him. On this small sliver of credibility, I’ll hope you’ll bookmark or subscribe to this site and give me a chance.

The first week of preseason is behind us, which means that we have another three weeks of meaningless football and tragic injuries before the real games begin. I’ll probably be posting several times a week between now and then, and more frequently during the season.


Irons out for the season

After tearing a knee ligament last night, Kenny Irons is out for the season. This won’t cripple the Bengals, but it surely does hurt them. Rudy Johnson is a more than capable starter, but when they want to spell him it would be nice to have someone like Kenny Irons to do that instead of whoever they’re going to throw in there instead.

Also, that ugly sweep they were planning on busting out just isn’t going to work.

Football is a year-round sport

As training camps are getting underway, we’re starting to hear reports of the first injuries as players begin to work out those muscles that have been resting since the season ended. Bruschi hurt his wrist, Vick hurt his leg, Bentley’s out for the season, and there are many other such injuries. Some, I’m sure, are just plain old football injuries, and they can’t really be avoided. But how many are from poor offseason conditioning? You hear about these workout warriors that lift weights and excercise several hours a day all year, and you shake your head and think they’re working too hard. But maybe that’s the way to do it. Every year reports flood out of training camps with out of condition players ripping muscles and hurting themselves because they weren’t in good enough condition to practice. It’s already started, but I think more and more in the future players are going to have to start working out all year just to stay healthy enough to play during the season.

The epitome of unlucky

Cleveland Browns high profile free agent aquisition LeCharles Bentley is reportedly out for the season after tearing his patellar tendon in the first 11 on 11 drill of training camp. To those who follow the Cleveland Browns, this was almost to be expected considering the team’s string of bad luck over the last 7 or so years.

In other news, the first round picks are finally starting to sign, with some top players like Vince Young inking in their contracts. Reggie Bush and Matt Leinhart have yet to sign with their respective teams.

Marshall Faulk nearing the end?

A report just posted on ESPN makes it seem likely that Marshall Faulk’s brilliant career could be coming to a close. He’s had surgery after surgery on his knees, and hasn’t really been at full strength for the last few years. With two knee surgeries this offseason, there was a question mark as to whether or not he’d be able to recover. One of his knees is coming along decently, the other swells up and gives him major problems after a moderate workout.

He’s going in for surgery sometime next week, and that will, at minimum, sideline him for a chunk of the season, most likely all of it, and quite possible forever. He’s already 33 years old, and he’s been getting a step slower every year recently. I don’t see him having surgery, taking a year off, and then at the age of 34 being able to play professional football.

As for his Hall of Fame chances, I think he’s a virtual lock first ballot-er.