YouTube: The Super Bowl Commercials

Ameriquest: Don’t judge to quickly
Sprint: Crime deterrent
Budweiser: Fetch
Levi’s: Crazy legs
Budweiser: Amber
Apple: 1984
Budweiser: Banned commercial
Budweiser: Soldiers
Budweiser: Secret fridge
Snickers: Quick, Do Something Manly
Pepsi: Bob’s house (this one is set to air this year)

Also, the White House is going to do an ad this year. We’ll see how that goes.

And, of course, the banned ads:

Budweiser: The Bottle Opener
Budweiser: Skinny Dipping
GoDaddy: I Own You
Vitamin Water: Brian Urlacher
GoDaddy: Basic Instinct
Nike: Alpha Project

There are many more to be found on YouTube if one takes the time.


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