Despite what you’d like to think

I’m not dead, and neither is this site. Training camps are getting their groove on, and the pre-season starts next month. There’s not much of an offseason in football, but I take advantage of what there is. Posting should be going into full swing pretty soon.

Meanwhile, he are some things to ponder:

Daunte Culpepper was dropped by the Dolphins when they couldn’t come to a deal with him. This calls into question what value if any he has left. Methinks he’s not going to be much more than a journeyman from here on out, which is a long way from where he was in 2004. No doubt, however, some team that gets thrown into a crisis will pick him up soon, which brings us to…

Mike Vick was indicted by a grand jury on charges of dog fighting. They started working on building his coffin quite a while ago down in Atlanta, but I think with this news coming in, they’ll start working on nailing it shut. There’s little doubt Roger Goodell will suspend him, either now or when the case has completely run it’s course. Goodell’s not afraid of beings strict, even with top players, which brings us to…

Adam Jones practiced with the Titans. This doesn’t indicate in any way that there’s any change in his suspension, but it’s still surprising news.


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