Beware of Paper

*On paper, the Cleveland Browns had the best pickings of this year’s draft.

*On paper, the Patriots have the best team in the league due to their free agent and draft pickups this off-season.

*On paper, the Colts offense should be better than ever next year, and their defense should be even worse.


I’m not going to say that none of that is true, the Patriots really do seem primed to win another Super Bowl, and the Browns really do seem to have had a monster draft, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. For all we know, the Seahawks might have drafted the next Champ Bailey in Josh Wilson, and the next Marques Colston in Courtney Taylor. You just never know.

It’s a cliche that you have to wait three years before evaluating a draft class, but it’s true. Drafting Ki-Jana Carter seemed like a brilliant move at the time. Just remember, for every Peyton Manning there’s a Heath Shuler. For every Lawrence Taylor there’s a Brian Bosworth.


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