Why not Joe Thomas?

In case you’re only just now coming out of hibernation, Calvin Johnson and JaMarcus Russel are kind of a big deal. In fact, they’re the only two candidates that people are considering as possibilities for Oakland’s number one overall selection. Now I can understand the logic behind those two- Johnson is at the top of every draft board out there, and most people (but not me!) consider Russel to be a franchise quarterback.

But let’s be realistic, of their 22 starting spots, Oakland has about 15 in serious need of improvement. So why is Oakland (we assume) only considering two players? First overall quarterbacks are a huge risk, and there are other options that are far less risky that could be had through trades. At receiver the Raiders could use help but really, they have Randy Moss. Why aren’t they considering Joe Thomas or a defensive player like Gaines Adams? Maybe because they aren’t first overall material, but I’d rather overpay a good player than pay a bust first overall money.


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