You heard it here first: JaMarcus Russell will be a bust

What makes a good quarterback? Intangibles. Arm strength. Accuracy. Mechanics. Mobility. And no, “he just wins” is not an acceptable answer.

Maybe everyone knows something I don’t, but I’m still scratching my head over how JaMarcus Russell is rated as a better quarterback prospect than Brady Quinn. Russell was thought of as an average to good prospect, and then, for some reason, one good bowl game against one of the worst defenses in the country made him the favorite to go number one overall. I feel like I’m in a Brady-Manning debate saying this, but JaMarcus Russell did not outplay Brady Quinn. Russell got the early lead and played the whole game against an atrocious defense. Brady Quinn was immediately in a deep hole that forced him to throw the ball more than he might have wanted. Against the LSU defense.

I’m usually wary of people that shoot up draft boards right before the draft, and like Mario Williams among countless others, it doesn’t normally end well.

So go on, drool over his physical abilities and how he can throw the ball seventy nine yards sitting in a lawn chair. It won’t make him a star. I fully expect the Oakland Raiders to draft him, and if they don’t, the Lions will. Whoever ends up with him will be extremely sorry in a few months when they discover that as strong as he is, he really isn’t anything special.


30 responses to “You heard it here first: JaMarcus Russell will be a bust

  1. I agree i don’t know that he will be a bust i think he might be good in a couple of years. But i believe that Brady Quinn should be rated the Number 1 quarterback not Russel he hasn’t proved much and still his desicon making is not that great.

  2. I’m undecided on Brady Quinn. I think he’s either a solid to excellent quarterback or he could also be a bust. This situation reminds me a lot of the whole Peyton Manning or Akili Smith debate (prototypical or exciting and big arm, etc….)

  3. who is the author of this article. I want to use this as a source in my high school research paper about quaterbacks. I need to cite this somehow. Please help!

  4. As an LSU fan, I have seen JaMarcus Russell do things no other quarterback and do. He has an ability to throw — extremely accurately, mind you — with defenders draped all over his body. He is so strong and tall which are things you cannot teach. He led eight come-from-behind victories for LSU in amassing a 25-4 career record as a starting quarterback.

    He is a work-in-progress, but I think he is by far a better prospect, based on potential and physical attributes, than Brady Quinn.

  5. Michael, I don’t doubt that Russell is one of the most physically gifted prospects to come out in a while, but when the only thing people ever talk about is his arm, I start to wonder what kind of pro potential he has. There are a lot of strong NFL quarterbacks. Being able to chuck the ball 85 yards downfield isn’t going to win you games.

  6. It is true, his arm strength has gotten a lot of media attention. But he also completed 67.8 percent of his passes last year, with 28 touchdowns and only eight interceptions. That will win you games, and it is what people SHOULD be talking about.

  7. Fair enough. I still stand by my point, but it’s quite possible I’ll be wrong. I think that given the right environment he could develop into a decent quarterback, but if he gets stuck with a team like the Raiders, which he probably will, or on a west coast offense team, he’s not going to do much.

  8. I totally respect your opinion. I just gotta give a little love to my man J-Marc!

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  11. Arm Strength? I heard…from a reliable source…that he threw a ball 85 yards from the back seat… of a Porsche…convertible…with the top down…through the windshield!!!!

  12. JaMarBust Hussel (JaMarcus Russell) or whatever your name is. You will be a bust. Ever heard of the Bell curve??? You peaked on senior year and you are coming back down. A Joe Montana you will never be… you lack the intelligence, much less the command of the game. The Raiders do not need punks like you. I can not believe they even considered you. Sure you can throw a football out of the stadium but how many points is that???………….0. nothing. Please Mr. Davis Pass on this future cancer and go with what you have now.

    james thorne

  13. News Flash… You heard it hear first.
    The new name for this loser that has won the football Lottery is ………….Ja Make A Hustle !!!!!!!!!!!!! there it is folks , can he screw the Raiders for millions or not? I hope not. you will hear it on ESPN and your local channels….

  14. Heard the hostage crisis is finally over. Jamarcus signed after holding up the Raiders for months. I heard that he also wanted a guaranteed clause. Meaning just in case he got in trouble with the law he would still get his money. Calvin Johnson asked for the same thing but the Lions were smart and said no. I hope the Raiders did the same.

    Which brings me to my point? Where does an unproven possible bust commodity get off on asking for a guarantee? Is he telling the team after I bankrupt you I will now have power to do whatever I want, go to a strip bar, cause some havoc, and still get my money. The Raiders could have said thanks but no thanks, trade him for a couple draft picks, and look forward toward the 08 draft with Brian Brohm.

  15. He signed. Everybody STFU. Let his learn the game and the fundamentals before feeding him to the Best of the best in the NFL. Give him time, and I promise, The nation will take over and all the haters can S#ck the ballssacks of the silver n black.

  16. Classy, real classy, RheydaFktheHayta

  17. Well it seems that Mario Williams is not as much as a bust as people think. He is on fire this last 8 games. I mean he is an animal out there and I hope he keeps it up. As far as Russel, I can not agree more that he is going to be a huge bust.

  18. JaMarcus will be a bust one way or the other. He might get better and be OK but there are plenty of OK pro quarterbacks out there. Hell, Vinny Testaverde can lose you a game for waaaay less money than JaMarcus. Do I have to remind everyone out there that Brady was a 6th round draft choice? There is no way an unproven rookie can come in and holdout for a king’s ransom and expect good things to come out of it. This is a classic example of some sleazy agent ruining a great athlete’s first impression with greed. He will fail at QB. He should be a tight end or kick/punt blocker or a backup QB. He probably makes more than Seau, Vrabel, Welker and Faulk COMBINED!! Any decent QB can succeed if they have a great team, drafting a great(which he isn’t)QB only helps if you can take advantage of it. Raiders need to beat Al Davis to a pulp. First Marcus Allen, now this? God it must suck to be a raiders fan these days. I even feel bad for the whole tuck thing….

  19. LOL at the idiot who posted this article. Russell plays in a much tougher Conference in the league and has a lot more skills then Quinn. Wow, lame about the Mario Williams part too. Didn’t he almost lead in sacks. You fail to evaluate a football game and it shows with this post. Oh btw Quinn dropped to 23 is it?

  20. Is it safe to say he’s a bust yet?

  21. bummed raider fan

    Yes he is a bust for 1 to 2 more years. I am a 32 year Raider fan and things are god-awful now. The one thing that the Raiders have failed to address year in and year out is the offensive line. You address the offensive line, give Jamarcus some time to throw and he is on the way to semi-greatness. No quarterback could do well in Oakland PERIOD! It is brutal to watch the undisciplined play and stupidity of the players year after year. Al Davis needs to let go and hope for the best on a 100% rebuild. Al is hanging on like a roman emperor, and we all know how rome fell….

  22. November 2 2008: Atlanta Falcons vs Oakland Raiders.
    Rookie Quarterback Matt Ryan: 17 of 22 for 220 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions, qbrating: 138.
    Jamarcus Russel: 6 of 19 for 31 yards, zero touchdowns and one interception; qbrating: 19!!! yes, that’s 19!!!

    It’s apparent now that you were right all along. This guy should have never been #1 overall.

  23. Man, did you call this one, or what? I was living in the SEC area during Russell’s time at LSU, and I couldn’t believe he was being talked up so much and was really surprised when he went #1 overall. This guy has a big arm, but that’s it. No intangibles. I don’t care if you put him behind the Redskins oline from the 80s, he will never be a great quarterback. Ryan Leaf, anyone?

  24. Dude cannot manage a game, cannot lead a team, and cannot deal with an NFL playbook. You don’t win games by throwing the ball 80 miles downfield. He’s a chump and probably doesn’t care because the idiot Davis has given him £31M GUARANTEED. Worst #1 pick EVER, period.

  25. It's Ja Make a Hussle

    I new he would be a bust, He broke the Raider bank. He is not an accurate passer, Lacks intelligence for the position, has no command or leadership for the game. I specifically emailed TJ the Brick about this in 2007 and his response was “tell this to JaMarcus’ face” The Raiders will never be great, as long Davis makes these ignorant decisions. I used to like the raiders, since they want to treat this like a business, the Product they have in the field is inferior and broken down.

  26. Anyone see JM against the woeful Chief’s defense today? It was the worst display of QBing I have ever seen. His throws weren’t even close. Bust is an understatement.

  27. Ok hes had a few bad games but he has had some decent games this year too with a horrible o line no wrs except johnny lee higgins i would give him one or two seasons for the raiders to get talent around him before i call him a bust

  28. I think that Jamarcus is doing very well this season.
    The home opener he seemed to be more calmed down this year, to almost defeat san diego. To win in arrowhead for a quaterback trying to turn his team around is a very good job. Lets see what he will do at Denver sunday. When he pulls that off you will see he is doing his part. Especially with all rookie recievers, that are trying to step up and drag the Raiders out of there recent history.

  29. Man, it’s funny reading this today, this article was totally right

  30. you were right lmaooo

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