Where it all begins

In just over 5 hours the 2006-2007 NFL season will be under way with the Eagles-Raiders Hall of Fame game from Canton, Ohio. It’s the first of the preseason games, so it’s not even sort of significant, unless there’s a major injury to a star player, so I won’t bother doing a preview, or even predicting who’s going to win, because it’s unpredictable how well random third string punters are going to perform.

A couple players to watch, though:

Michael Huff, Safety- First round pick out of Texas.
Paul McQuistan, Guard- Third round pick. A lot of what will determine how Aaron Brooks performs this year depends on how well the offensive line holds up.

Reggie Brown, Reciever
Gregg Lewis, Reciever
Jeremy Bloom, Reciever

The Eagles’ season depends on how well their reciever, non of whom are all that great, are able to perform. We get our first look at a couple of them, and others are going to be thrust into new roles for the very first times.


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